MemoniserBODY Sport

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Product information "memonizerBODY sport"

The memonizerBODY sport is available in two sizes and can be perfectly fitted by using the adjustable strap.

Size S/M - standard size: Circumference 14 - 19,5 cm
Size M/L - standard size: Circumference 17 - 22,5 cm 

Areas of application:
When travelling by bus, train or plane

Positive effects on:

  Electromagnetic radiation
  Environmental stress

✔The memonizerBODY operates without magnetic or electronic components.

Easy to use

The memonizerBODY sport is suitable for use outside your memon-equipped home and is designed to be worn on the wrist or ankle. The various models of the memonizerBODY differ only in appearance and design; all variations offer the same positive benefits for the wearer.


No product that is worn on the body is capable of replacing a memon-harmonized room. There is a significant difference between supporting your body and preventing negative influences reaching your body at all, as is the case with a completely memon-harmonized room.

Please note: The memonizerBODY does NOT replace the memonizerCOMBI.

Included in delivery

  • memonizerBODY in transport packaging


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