MemonizerFLATWATER - vattenrenaturering

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Product information "memonizerFLATWATER" 

OBS: Denna produkt kräver personlig rådgivning beroende på ert boendestorlek och strömförbrukning. Vänligen kontakta mig för en kostnadsfri rådgivning.

Your protection is very important to us. In order to ensure the device is correctly dimensioned for your specific needs, we recommend an individual consultation that is free of charge and without obligation. This way you can enjoy optimal quality of life with help from memon. It is for this reason that this product is not directly available in our online shop. We are looking forward to your product inquiry and/or phone call and are always happy to answer your questions or offer advice.


With memonizerFLATWATER you can enjoy harmonic water wherever you go. Experience the difference with memon. Water is harmonised through the radiation field of the memonizerWATER.

memonizerFLATWATER is available in the following four standard designs:

S: up to 100 m² of floor space and/or water consumption
M: up to 200 m² of floor space and/or water consumption
L: up to 350 m² of floor space and/or water consumption
XL: up to 500 m² of floor space and/or water consumption

Can also be customised for all other volumes.

Areas of application:
Apartments, hotel rooms, camper vans / motorhomes, other applications when travelling

Positive effects on:


✔No mains connection or voltage-carrying components necessary

Easy to use

Der memonizerFLATWATER wird am Wasserhahn oder am Kaltwasser-Absperrhahn einer Wasserleitung ohne technischen Eingriff in das Leitungssystem angebracht.

Included in delivery

  • memonizerFLATWATER in transport packaging