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Product information "memonizerDOG"

Areas of application:
For use outside or in transit (automobiles, trains or planes)

Positive effects on:

  Electromagnetic Radiation 
  Environmental stress

Very positive feedback from dog owners while using the memonizerDOG during the test phase

Easy to use

The memonizerDOG is kept close to the body with the help of the enclosed carabiner, which can be easily attached to a collar or harness. The extremely light and robust material ensures that the memonizerDOG can be worn comfortably and without any disturbance to your pet.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that a carried product cannot replace an extensively harmonized room. There is a very important difference between supporting the body and not exposing the body to negative influences in the first place, such as a memon harmonized room. Please be sure to learn and discover about the advantages of memon home solutions—for the benefit of your family and your beloved pets!

Included in delivery

  • memonizerDOG in transport packaging
  • Carabiner


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