memonizerCOMBI, elektrosmog och damnpartiklar

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The memonizerCOMBI comes in four standard designs:

memonizerCOMBI is available in the following four standard designs:

S: up to 100 m² of floor space and/or power consumption
M: up to 200 m² of floor space and/or power consumption
L: up to 350 m² of floor space and/or power consumption
XL: up to 500 m² of floor space and/or power consumption

Can also be customised for all other room sizes.

Areas of application:
Interior spaces

Positive effects on:

   Fine particulate matter
   Geopathic interference zones
   Wifi (from the outside)

✔MemonizerCOMBI covers all electric circuits that are connected to the main fuse or meter in a house or flat.

Simple to install

You can set the memonizerCOMBI to the required mounting direction by turning it. The distance to the wall is set by using a small adjustment screw. This is not necessary in the case of COMBI Single due to its small size. Remove the protective film from the adhesive ring and plug the Combi into the socket. Make sure that the blue light is on.

Once installed, the memonizerCOMBI should not be unplugged. 

To install the memonizer, it must be plugged directly into a wall socket. Avoid using extension cords or portable multi-socket plug adaptors. When you move, you can remove the memonizer and install it permanently in your new home.

Included in delivery

  • memonizerCOMBI as a plug solution in transport packaging




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Memonizer CAR S

Memonizer CAR S

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Memonizer CAR E

Memonizer CAR E

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