Memonizer CAR E

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Product information "memonizerE-CAR"

Areas of application:
E-cars, hybrid vehicle

Positive effects on:

    Fine particulate matter

Measurements: 93 x 40 x 6 mm (length, width, height)

✔The memonizerE-CAR functions without moving wearable parts or magnetic components and is maintenance-free.

Easy to use

With its 3 different sizes, the memonizerCAR is suitable for all vehicles. Simple to install and needs no structural intervention. The memonizerCAR does not require a power supply and does not have any live components.

These days, an average medium-size passenger car contains 4,000 to 8,000 meters of wiring, up to 60 microprocessors and countless little motors and transmitters built in. Its navigation system works via GPS, radio and telephone signals received wirelessly.
The impact of the resulting electromagnetic fields has to be taken seriously. Using the existing electric circuit, memon technology builds up a harmonic field in the room.

These are ever-present in modern automobiles and electric cars and are caused by the built-in electronics, cable-free communication and steering technology in vehicles.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In the case that your car is equipped with multimedia extras, we also recommend using the memonizerCAR media in combination with the memonizerE-CAR to fully protect you from the aforementioned effects of electrosmog. 

Included in delivery

  • memonizerE-CAR in transport packaging


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